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Barking Frogs News and Events

Yankee Publications (A Program at Barking Frogs Permaculture Centre) News and Events:

As of Oct 16 *** Robert Kourik, author of the outstanding classic, Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape, Naturally, has discovered about 50 hardcover copies in his warehouse.  Robert will not publish another printing or new edition of this book.  He has offered the entire batch to Yankee Permaculture.  You can
buy them from us at $50 each plus P&H.  This is the original price.  If you
do not have this book, this is your chance.  We will reserve some to use as
part of the required reading in our annual Permaculture Design Course Online
over the next few years.  -- Dan Hemenway

Sept 1, 2001  ***Vol. 1 of The International Permaculture Solutions Journal and all 4 volumes of TIPSY for US$50 + p&h.  This is not on our order form!  But please use the order form to be sure you send us the correct information for shipping and to compute postage and handling.

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Aug 25, 2001 ***TRIP, The Resources of International Permaculture, is now available in electronic form as a PDF file
(Hotlink to Details & Guidelines of TRIP)TRIP lists about 2,000 groups and publications related publications with indices organized in three ways to maximize usefulness.  Send $35 to the address on the order form to have the file sent as an email attachment.  TRIP is also available

Sept 1, 2001  ***Yankee Permaculture will offer all its Back Journals to journal descriptions] at a highly discounted rate, starting Aug. 13.  All four issues of TIPSY, the yearbook, and Vol. 1 of The International Permaculture Solutions Journal, are available for $50 + p&h. See the  order form for info on p&h.  This offer is not on the order form.


Elfin Permaculture (Solutions):

*** Tuesday August 6, 2002

Permaculture Design Course CD Released
    Elfin Permaculture makes available the beta release of a Permaculture
Design Course CD-ROM Aug. 1, 2002.  The CD incorporates the postings and
assignments of our annual Permaculture Design Course Online, which begins its
seventh cycle on Sept. 15, 2002. It includes hundreds of weekly posts from
the instructors, the full Permaculture Design Course Pamphlet series, TRIP
directory of nearly 2000 groups related to permaculture, and a number of
articles and papers.
    We offer the Permaculture Design Course CD in two versions, one for
certificate students registered in the online course and one for online
course monitors and self-study students. The CD will be free to certificate
students  and monitors in Cycle 7 of the course, during which time we will
complete the transition.  Anyone may buy the CD at the monitor fee, which we
will hold at $100 until Cycle 7 starts in September.  On or after Oct. 15,
the price of the CD will go up.

Tuition Increase Delayed
    Tuition for the Elfin Permaculture Design Course Online will increase
around Oct. 15.  This allows time for everyone who planned to take course
cycle 7, beginning Sept. 15, to sign on at the old rates.  This will be the
7th year without a tuition increase.  The new fees reflect increased costs
and the new course CD, which will be an integral part of the program
henceforth.  We hope that by adding as many as possible required readings to
the CD, we will be able to hold the line or cut back on the cost of the
reading package.

Barking Frogs Permaculture Center

The protocol for our Annual Permaculture Design Course Online is at

Our next annual Permaculture Design Course Online begins Sept. 15, 2002.
Check the above sites for details. Our next design intensive is July 25-Aug.3
in Oberlin, Ohio, near Cleveland.

A list by topic of all Yankee Permaculture titles also may be found at

Yankee Permaculture:


For details on Yankee Permaculture Publications on CD
  follow this link: Yankee Materials on CD


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