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*** Tuesday August 6, 2002

Pamphlet 2: Permaculture in Humid Landscapes has just been added.

Click here to view PDC Pamphlet 2 (In Adobe Acrobat Format)

Free Permaculture Design Course Pamphlet Series:

The Permaculture Design Course Pamphlet series is based on a certificate
Permaculture Design Course conducted by Bill Mollison in 1981. Mollison gave
the rights of the course transcript to the Rural Education Center where the
course had been held. The Rural Education Center decided it was unable to
publish the transcripts and gave the rights to Yankee Permaculture. The
Center had already arranged with Elizabeth Beyor, who transcribed the tapes
of the course, to edit the material into a series of pamphlets. It was these
pamphlets that we published over the next several years with the aid of many
volunteers. Since we received the material at no cost, and since we
perceived a need for material that can freely circulate around the world, we
placed them in the public domain. We continue to offer the pamphlets for
sale in paper or in electronic editions (floppy disk or via email
attachment). Meanwhile, we will begin placing the pamphlets, one at a time,
on our web page. Starting with Pamphlet I, we will leave each pamphlet on
the page for about six months. Then we will put up another in the series.
In time, you can get a free copy of each one. If you become impatient, you
may order the pamphlets in print or electronic form from us, using our
publications order form.

Feel free to download these pamphlets and to give them away to others.
Please do not charge more than photocopy or printer costs.


Copyright Dan and Cynthia Hemenway, Barking Frogs Permaculture Center, Florida, USA. 2001. All rights reserved.