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Elfin Permaculture
P.O. Box 52, Sparr FL  32192-0052 USA
Dates of course  ________________________________________________
Full course?(Y/N)______   Student?(Y/N)________   Monitor?(Y/N)_______
Section? (please specify) ________________
[only for students not taking full course]
NAME__________________________________    DATE______________
ADDRESS ____________________________________________________
TOWN __________________________________   STATE/PROV _______
POSTAL CODE/ZIP ___________   COUNTRY _____________________
PHONE­­ _______________   Email_________________________________
I enclose US$ _________ (at least $200 except for full scholarship students)
deposit in application to attend the Permaculture Design Course to be given
by Elfin Permaculture in correspondence via mail and email, dates indicated
above.  I have read the course protocol and other information sent to
registrants and understand and accept the conditions of the course.
Signed ___________________________________ Date _______________
[Sign or initial also in 2 places below]
Note:  At least $600 must be received before the course begins.  Total course
fee is $1,000 if paid in advance, $1,100 if paid in two installments. The
second payment of $500 is will enable you to submit information about your
design project and receive guidance, critiques and class discussion regarding
your project. We do not wish to keep track of more than two installments.
Please, save up the second $500 and send it all at once. Monitor fees are due
in full on registration. Partial scholarship students should pay the full
amount before the class begins.
For Course Students
ON THE BACK OF THIS SHEET; Please TYPE or email a statement outlining,
briefly, your background, why you wish to attend the course, how you intend
to use permaculture design after the course, where you live, your living
situation and any other information about yourself you wish to share. Please
use no more than 500 words.  You will be required to post this information to
all your classmates once the course begins.  You may add to this statement at
any time. Head it:  PERSONAL INFORMATION, Addendum, (YOUR NAME).
[If you are applying for a scholarship, you may use the space for that
application.  Type "Scholarship Application" at the top so that we are sure
to give it early attention. Scholarship applications are limited to one page
(surface) of regular office paper (8-1/2 x 11 in the US), but never more than
500 words on paper or by  email. Request special instructions.]
ON A SECOND SHEET.  Please TYPE a description of your skills, resources and
experiences that make you a resource to the rest of us. This information is
very important.  In case of overenrollment, we will use it to select a
balanced course with people from as many backgrounds as possible.  The other
students and Elfin Permaculture will use this information to determine where
you can be a resource for others.  If you have 7 PhD degrees in ecology and
soil science, that's nice.  If you have raised three children in a teepee
living off the land, that's great.  All life experience is important.  If you
are modest, you cheat other students of knowing how you are a resource. We
use a one-room schoolhouse model in this course and students must be
resources for one another.  In an email classroom, we cannot conveniently
draw information readily from you.  Use two sides of a regular sheet of paper
(not legal--we'll cut off the bottom to fit our files) or 1,000 words by
email. You will be required to post this information to all your classmates
once the course begins.  You may add to this statement at any time. Head it:
Presentation Proposal
Everyone in the course will give one personal presentation at some time
during the course.  You may propose your presentation now.  If it fits the
course outline, we may schedule your presentation in the relevant section of
the course.  Anyone may schedule a presentation on any topic s/he wishes to
share with the class, regardless of whether it fits the course schedule.  If
you do not propose a presentation topic at this time, we will assign one. We
really need as many people as possible to schedule early, as we may have as
many as 20 permaculture designs to evaluate toward the end of the course.
I would like to present the following: (TYPE NO MORE THAN ONE PAGE (500
Study Group
Everyone in the course will be assigned a study group.  If people are
geographically close, we will try to assign them to the same group so that
they may meet, visit one another's design sites and/or even share a design
project (at a tuition discount.) If you have preferences for people to be in
your study group, please let us know.  In case of light enrollment, the
entire class serves as one study group.
For Monitors & Students Alike
 I understand that all on line materials and most reading materials I receive
in connection with this course are copyrighted.  I agree not to violate the
copyright unless marked otherwise.  I agree not to distribute in any form for
any purpose any of these copyrighted materials.  
(Signature)  [signature required for registration] 
For Students
    I grant permission to Elfin and Yankee Permaculture (AKA Dan or Cynthia
Hemenway) for future use of my contributions in this course, including my
permaculture design project, for the sole and limited purposes of
permaculture education.  This permission is conditional upon standard
royalties to be paid to me for any direct sales of my contributions.
(Signature) [signature required for registration]
Please mail the signed portions of this registration with your payment.
Electronic Deposits
 There is a service charge of $25 or whatever the bank charges (which ever is
higher).  The bank fee for this has gone up faster than we can keep track of
it.  If you want us to contact the bank and verify the deposit, e.g. to
expedite a book shipment, double the service charge.  Sometimes the bank
mails us a notification of electronic deposits, sometimes we have to wait to
see it on our monthly statement.  Generally, electronic transfers represent
an expensive way to expedite payment with no guarantee that the effect will
not be actually slower than if you sent some physical instrument of payment
to us.