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Elfin Permaculture

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Information for Hosts of Lectures and Short Workshops by Elfin Permaculture


Permaculture Lectures, One-Day Workshops and Weekend Workshops




 "Introduction to Permaculture" or "The Fate of Our Forests."

    The forest workshops, given in conjunction with our work in the Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network (FERN) employ many slides, providing either a survey of forest problems worldwide or detailed examination of the symptoms of "forest decline" ("acid rain damage"). Then we discuss ways that people present can work against decline and help forest to heal.  For a weekend forest workshop, we encourage hosts to design the event for organizing a FERN chapter.

    Our sheet on our fee schedule also includes outlines of the typical one-day and weekend workshops.  Specialized workshops, such as urban permaculture, alternative economics in permaculture, or permaculture for intentional communities, may require special preparation therefore involving a somewhat higher fee.  Groups seeking advanced workshops should consult our Permaculture Design Course outline for inspiration and a list of our major slide presentations.  Advanced workshops for people already trained in permaculture are available at the same fee schedule as our basic workshop.  Topics covered depend on the needs of the group.  We like to provide a survey for preregistrants to complete. Their answers guide the workshop's content and approach.



    In a lecture, we give a slide presentation and then encourage group discussion.  Workshops involve participants to the fullest possible extent in the time available.  In permaculture workshops of two or more days, the participants produce a draft permaculture design for the premises or a nearby site.


Longer Workshops and Courses: Elfin Permaculture also offers intensive 10-day and two-week workshops which stress the production of a design by participants.  The format is elastic and accommodates other time frames within reason. We recommend the two-week workshop when many participants will commute or when the workshop will be given in translation.  We offer Permaculture Design Course in a three-week format when given in English and in five or six weeks when given in translation. It is also available as a six-month email correspondence course. Through the APT (Advanced Permaculture Training) program, we offer individualized training for people who have completed a Permaculture Design Course and wish to "fast track" their development as permaculturists.  APT programs run from one to four years, depending on the need of the trainee.



    Admission or tuition fees in short programs are set by the host. All expenses, such as travel, promotion, administration, and class-space, are the responsibility of the host. Elfin Permaculture charges flat rates for the events covered in this sheet. Our current fee schedule has details of fees and expense computation.



    No charges are made to indigenous people of the region for Elfin Permaculture services.  Freely offered gifts should be accepted, in the spirit of the Maori koha.  We encourage hosts in regions where native peoples are oppressed to seek funding for their participation.  We encourage recruitment of women and minorities to attend our workshops, and the offering of scholarships as a means to this end.  If funding is not available, it may be necessary to set a limit on scholarships.  The ratio we use is one full scholarship for every six paid tuitions.  The host awards scholarships in short programs.  We are happy to consult if asked.


Facilities and Accommodations:

    Lecture spaces should be equipped with a good-quality 35 mm carousel projector (Kodak projectors are strongly recommended) and a chalkboard with multicolored chalks (preferably bright colors). Workshop classrooms should be likewise equipped and should have available an overhead transparency projector as well as a video tape player.  Two carousel trays (80-slide capacity) are required for lectures; five for workshops.  (Slides tend to jam in carousels that hold 140 slides.  If these are provided anyway, we still need the same number: two for lectures, five for workshops.)  A real projection screen must be provided.  Sheets or white walls are unacceptable projection surfaces. The host will provide the workshop leader and designated assistant(s) with board and private room(s).  Brewed coffee, hot water, and fresh milk (preferably bovine or water buffalo), should be continuously available at these events.


Facilities for Participants:

    In workshops of more than one day, the host arranges meals and accommodations for  participants, usually at additional cost.  Lunch and dinner should be served at workshops if at all possible. Arrange for someone else to organize these matters if you plan to attend the workshop yourself.  You cannot do both.  Make some provision for lunch (e.g., announce potluck) for one-day workshops.


Limit on Attendees:

    There is no limit on the number of attendees at a lecture.  Please enroll no more than 40 in a one-day workshop and no more than 25 in a weekend workshop.  Include everyone who will attend (for example, yourself) in the count.



    Promotion is the responsibility of the host. Elfin Permaculture often can help in promotion. To do so we need flyers in specified quantities delivered to meet our schedule of promotional mailings. Please clear flyers with us prior to printing to avoid inaccurate or misleading statements. Events scheduled with long lead times get the best promotion from Elfin Permaculture because we can include flyers in mailings and in Yankee Permaculture publications orders from your region.

We can also get notice of your event out through our various online contacts and post dates on our web pages.  You may utilize our computerized mailing list of people in your region.  You will be sent details when you send your deposit for your event. At that time, we also send other materials to support promotion.


Integrated Scheduling:

    We recommend booking a few lectures or similar events in the few days prior to a workshop.  This builds interest.  Often a local college or university will have funds for speakers and their publicity department can generate interest in the talk as well as the ensuing workshop. We also

recommend that you encourage other groups in your region to book workshops or talks.  You can share publicity costs as well as transportation costs to get us to you and home again.  We will let you know of any such groups in your area who are already in contact with us.



    Basic fees for lectures, workshops, consulting, designs and other work are specified in our current fee schedule. Our fees are set to encourage longer presentations and weekend workshops because we find these formats more effective in teaching permaculture principles than are shorter programs. They also result in draft permaculture designs which may be an important return for the host. In addition to the presentation fee, the host pays all direct expenses that we incur, mainly travel and communications. If we are lodged and fed commercially, and/or en route, these expenses are paid by the host. Usually groups put us up in a member's home to save money. Take such expenses into account when setting a participant fee for the event. All potential dates are regarded as open until we receive (and accept) a deposit. This deposit is nonrefundable. Transportation is payable in advance and may or may not be made refundable, depending on the arrangements you make with us. Payment for the balance is due when we deliver a lecture or the Friday night of a weekend workshop.


Reading List:

    Yankee Permaculture has a reading list for workshops and design courses. We recommend that you reprint the reading list in your flyer or at least make it available to preregistrants. Publications purchased as a reading-list package are priced with a significant discount.


Day Care:

    Day care must be advertised in all promotion for Elfin Permaculture events of one day or longer. If needed by participants, the host will arrange day care for children (toilet-trained or older) at nil or minimal cost. Nursing mothers and infants, and in general infants attended by parents, are welcome.  However there should be a room to which parents can remove infants if they are noisy or need a diaper change.


Feedback Please:

    We'd like your opinion about the clarity and usefulness of this sheet, especially if you have specific suggestions.  These arrangements have evolved over nearly 20 years of experience giving these workshops and are appropriate to almost every situation.  However we welcome written proposals for alternative arrangements where unique circumstances require them. We will not deviate from our standard terms based on a telephone conversation. We prefer to have time to think

about your written suggestions.



    No date for a lecture or workshop is reserved until we have the deposit specified in the rate sheet.  Again, this provision cannot be waived by a telephone conversation.  The deposit is nonrefundable if you cancel; fully refundable if we cancel. Since we started leading permaculture presentations in 1981, we have never failed to make a scheduled presentation. We have led hundreds of permaculture presentations.


I have read the above terms and I understand and agree to them:



Signed (Workshop host)                                                                     Date


Location and date of workshop___________________________________________________

Please make a copy of this sheet.  Sign one of the copies and send it to us. Save the other for



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