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Permaculture Links

Permaculture discussion group
Frequently Asked Questions about the Permaculture discussion group
The Ecovillage Network - The focus of the ecovillage network is the needs of future generations  for a safe and healthy planet to inhabit. We aim to create and present 
to the world outstanding examples of what it means to live in community 
in a sustainable way - in peace with one another and in harmony with 

The Permaculture Activist
EPTA (Eastern Permaculture Teachers Assn.)

The Herb Growing and Marketing Network

SARE Research Projects Database

UC-SAREP Funded Projects Database

Selected Publications Resulting from SAREP Grants

TEKTRAN - Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System

AGWEB - The Ultimate Agriculture Research Directory

AFSIC - Alternative Farming Systems Information Center - List of Alternative Crops & Enterprises for Small Farm Diversification

The Water Page - dedicated to the promotion of sustainable water resources management

The Herb Business Network

Sundance Supply - Do-It-Yourself Building Materials for Greenhouses and Shade Structures

Internet Newsbrief - A weekly service from the EPA, providing useful Internet resources for EPA staff and other environmental professionals

Seed Savers promotes and organises the preservation, free distribution and exchange of open-pollinated seeds

Backyard Permaculture USA - For those who wish to share knowledge of Backyard permaculture practices, producing as much of thier own food as possible while being a good steward of the piece of Earth they own.

HortIdeas - reports on the latest research, methods, tools, plants, books, etc., for vegetable, fruit, and flower gardeners

UN publications on water related issues

Organic Volunteers - A network of free online searchable forums about specific environmental issues

North American Fruit Explorers

ATTRA (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas) Links to Permaculture Concepts

Rhizosphere II: Publications, Resources Lists, and Web Links from Steve Diver

Planet Ark - Reuters Daily News on the World Environment

Seed Swappers Network

Make your own Masonry Stove - Plans

Permaculture Action Learning (UK) Online - A Resource to facilitate communication between the Permaculture in the UK and the International Community.

ACSgarden - A Gardening Magazine designed for the world, updated monthly.

ACS - Horticultural Site