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Elfin Permaculture

lectures, workshops, live and correspondence courses, certificate courses by email, advanced training, consulting and Permaculture design. Elfin Permaculture also collaborates with Permaculture projects in Kenya and South Africa. Most programs we offer are hosted by individuals or groups who invite us to their region to teach. We organize the online course, internships, and advanced apprenticeships only.


Yankee Permaculture (A Program at Barking Frogs Permaculture Centre):

Publishes The International Permaculture Solutions Journal (TIPS), PROD (Permaculture Review, Overview and Digest), The Resources of International Permaculture (International Directory), The Permaculture Design Course Pamphlet Series, about 35 Permaculture Papers & reprints, scores of unique documents available on special order, and slide/script shows from the Elfin Permaculture Design Course. Yankee Permaculture also distributes key books and pamphlets relevant to Permaculture, especially those difficult to obtain elsewhere.


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