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A Guide to Yankee Permaculture Publications: 1983-1997
(second edition - 8/25/97)

Since 1983, Yankee Permaculture has published journals, newsletters, papers, and pamphlets on many aspects of permaculture. Our goal has been to fill the gaps in existing permaculture literature, to pull together and/or better express information otherwise not available in useful form, and to extend the development of permaculture as a concept and movement. Much of the material we have published has been in direct response to needs we perceived in our teaching of the Elfin Permaculture Design Course as well as permaculture workshops and lectures.

We believe that these writings of almost 15 years increase in usefulness as time goes on. Meanwhile, thousands of people new to permaculture do not learn about this useful information. Therefore, we have assembled a summary of these writings by topics. We have skipped items of diminished relevance because they are no longer timely. We hope that you find this list useful. Ordering information is located in the Yankee Permaculture Order Form and/or in our Special Order Catalog (Yankee Permaculture Paper #27.) Comments on the organization of the tables below are included at the end of this document.

We strive to make the information below complete and correct. If you find omissions or errors, please let us know. The number of pages indicated for an article or publication may change in some cases as we update information and/or convert documents from typescript to computer typesetting.

Additional Information:

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Some Yankee Permaculture Publications are now available on CD.   CD-available publications include our directory TRIP (The Resources of International Permaculture), The Permaculture Design Course Pamphlet series, and a number of other papers formerly available only in print.  "Living Lovingly on the Earth" by Dan Hemenway is available as a reprint from TIPSY Journal for the first time.

For details on Yankee Permaculture Publications on CD click on the  "Yankee Materials on CD" tab on this page or follow this link: Yankee Materials on CD

T.R.I.P (The Resources of International Permaculture)

The Resources of International Permaculture - TRIP - is a directory of organizations that encourage aspects of sustainability.

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